Friday, January 11, 2008

Graduation Day

This is my beautiful grand daughter Aimee Sara at her graduation ceremony, how proud we all are of her. (She is 6th from the left in the second row, Peter , just in case you were having trouble locating her.) She is probably going to work for a year before she goes on with her education.

I spent the day taking down and packing away all the Christmas decorations, it is quite a job, as I am besotted with Christmas, and love to decorate. It looks very bare and somewhat larger inside the house now. I even managed to remember to label all the boxes this year.

I needed to get it done as we are leaving for Wudinna,where my eldest daughter Vicki lives, on Monday, and it will be time to put up the Fall decorations when we get back.
Vicki has to see a specialist in Adelaide next week as she has a suspicious looking mole on her arm, it has changed in the last few weeks, and she needs to get it checked, we are all praying it wont be anything serious.

We are driving across, I never thought I would ever say that again, it is such a long way, two long days driving to get there, and then another six hours to Adelaide, Oh well, at least the air conditioning will be working in Walter's vehicle. He really enjoys the drive, not me though, after having done it at least 20 times, I would much rather fly.

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