Saturday, July 08, 2006

About hair and other things

I am enjoying my weekend, my football team won, I am having my meals when I remember, not when the clock says, and just generally doing what I please. Walter is German and he tends to be very regimented, whereas I have mostly flown by the seat of my pants, we both got to be 60 doing things our own way, and it has taken a fair bit of compromise to make our relationship work.

I have thought several times about posting how we met and married, will have to do it while Walter is away, as he would be horrified.


I enjoyed doing the Fours Meme, from Granny's blog, so am going to try the one from Meow's.


Five things......

In My Fridg

Lite start milk. Avacado's. Cheese. Cooked brown rice. Greek style yoghurt.

In My Closet

Jackets. Wraps. Skirts. Tops. X-rays. (only shelf wide enough to accomodate them)

In My Purse (Handbag)

Money. Stamps. Old shopping lists. Face wipes. Pen.

In My Car

Water. Raincoat. Road maps. Bear. Blanket


The girls braids on Granny's blog, reminded me of the torture my sister and I endured each saturday night for Sunday School and family visiting on Sunday's.

We were both Blessed!! with straight hair and our mother insisted on us having our hair done up in rags, wonder does anyone else remember them. The hair would be washed and while still wet, divided, a bit like in braids, and then wound around longs peices of fabric, starting right at the scalp, and tied off securely.
When you lay down, it was agony, as the hair was pulled, and it was like laying on sticks as the wrapped hair was quite hard. I am flinching even as I write about it.

The other way, mum would make our hair wavy, was to wash it and braid it, and when it dried, it would have all these corrugations in it, I'm sure there is a photo somewhere, will have to look for it.

Back then it was thought to be more attractive to have curly hair, now of course girls go to all sorts of lengths to straighten their naturally curly hair, even ironing it, if a straightener is not vailable. Despite this weekly torture, I had a very happy and loving childhood.


Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.


Granny said...

I remember the rags well but my mom never put me through it.

She used to get these horrid "perms". Once she got older (after I left) she went back to much more natural look and took 20 years off her appearance.

I leave my hair as short as possible. I don't do hair at all so I'm always grateful when someone offers for the girls.

Peter said...

Didn't comment on the previous post as I'm NOT into memes, but thought I'd better not miss two in a row.

JunieRose2005 said...


I remember that way of curling hair. Mine was done that way ,sometimes, when I was young- but often it was put up in braids!

I always had naturally wavy hair-and during my young years it was desired. Lol- but I have kept the same style all through my life- which is just NATURAL! I dread beauty shop appointments and don't even go for a cut more than once a year!

:) -last time was recently when the girl gave me a look (straight hair) that definitely wasn't me!