Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bags 2

For some reason, best know to itself, blogger decided to publish the bag photos before I had written anything, so am catching up now.

I have been back from our sojourn to South Australia for a week or so, but life has been rather hectic, part of which was going to the "Ritzy Tote Workshop" last weekend, over the two days, which gave me the excuse to be able to stay overnight in a lovely B&B in Bunbury, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

The workshop was great too, good bunch of "girls", good teacher, good location, and a lot of fun and laughter as well as some serious stitching. The photo below of the green/burgundy (in real life the colours are darker) is the one from the workshop, and because I finished before the finish, I was able to start the black/brown one. Have made the shells for two more, just need some more supplies to finish them. I already have a buyer for one of them, it will be good if I can keep selling them that easily.

I am off to book club tonight, the book under discussion is "The Language of Threads" by Gail Tsukyama, it is a follow up to "Women of Silk", and it would have been better if we had read it first. Never mind it was quite a good read anyway

I have a little book called "Food for Thought" this today's ..

You move towards the picture you create of yourself


Marcus said...

Nice to see some signs of life at Bears Galore.
Glad the weekend went well too.

Not sure what we're up to but thought we might come over Sunday seeing as it's a long weekend.


Anonymous said...


I thought i would try the link from Marcus's blog and low and behold you have started up again!!

I like the brown and greenie/gold bag :-)