Thursday, January 17, 2008

It happened again!!!

I had a post drafted before we left home, but blogger wouldn't post it and it was quite relevant to what I am about to post here.

After an uneventful 14 hours driving we arrived at Madura Pass where we stayed the night, we left there at about 6.30am and headed east again, I had just drifted of to sleep when I heard an expletive from Walter and then heard and felt a big thump, Walter spent the next few seconds trying to keep us from rolling over and we ended upon the wrong side of the road facing the way we had just come.

Yes we had hit another roo, and a big one at that. The front drivers side of the vehicle was extensively damaged as well as the headlights, driving lights, bull bar and of course the radiator.
All this in the middle of nowhere. Walter started looking under the bonnet (hood) and I walked up and down the road picking up peices of lights etc. Two cars sped past and I started to pray, the next vehicle pulled over, and a young man and his son got out. We were still about 9oo kms from our destination.

With their help Walter was able to take off the broken fan and cowling, we then filled up with water and cautiously started to drive away, we limped along to the next road house, topping up with water as often as necessary, where Walter got some stuff, supposed to stop radiator leaks but to no avail.

Another young man walked past where I was standing and when I told him what had happened he said that years ago, his father had successfully stopped a leak by using Blue-tac. Well this outback roadhouse actually had one packet of blue-tac, which Walter used to seal the leak, it was where the tank and core meet. Once again we set off, stopping a couple more times to check and fill up.

The blue-tac held and we were able to drive the last 300kms without any problems, I was never so pleased to drive into Vicki and Rex's property. For those that don't beleive in the power of prayer, the chances of our being able to continue our trip in the way we did, were so remote as to be non existent, without divine intervention.

What I has said in my other blog was that I never wanted to drive across the Nullabor again.
Now even Walter has said we are not driving again!!!!


Jacqui said...

While this is signed in as Jacqui, its really Peter testing the comment section of this site.
BTW Jacqui you were doing too much when trying to comment you don't need to fill in anything... just post it.

Granny said...

Yeah, Blogger had added all that extra stuff so people who don't use Blogger can comment.

Jacqui, we have the same thing here with deer. Someone was surely watching over the two of you.

Marcus said...

Wow Mum! Another close call, really glad and relieved you're OK, and that this has finally cured Walter's need to drive across the country!

I'm happy to come over and drive home with him if you want to fly back.

Merle said...

Hi Jacqui ~~ Something made me check on your blog. I didn't know you were posting again. Welcome back.
Sorry you and Walter had that mishap with the roo, but thankfully you were not hurt and managed with some divine intervention to get home safely.
Take care, Love to you both, Merle.

DellaB said...

Hi Jacqui.. I am checking blog links - and it was lovely to find your posts.

Just had to come in and comment - the last time I drove the Nullarbor was, let's see, all of 45 years ago. It was dirt and sand track then, and I remember people used to put trees into the potholes so others could see where the holes were - it was like driving a slalom course.

good to see you..

p.s. I love the wraps and bags, a friend at work is making similar things - very beautiful and hard to resist.

Daphne said...

Thanks for writing this.