Friday, July 21, 2006

Wheat Country

This is what the country was like for hundreds of Kilometres, it is usually green and growing wheat at this time of year, some of it had been worked up but not planted, and where farmers had put in seed, there was the occasional tuft of green, just heartbreaking, for those on the land. They have had no rain, in fact rain has been very scarce all over, we had a good downfall yesterday, and for a while it actually looked and felt like winter. We have had some very cold mornings, with frosts and fog, but no rain.

I tried to post these photos on the former post, but we all know how blogger has a mind if it's own, and it just wouldn't let me, so that's why there are two posts tonight.
Walter's trip wasn't nearly as good as he hoped, even he is noticing just how far it is to these outback places. Then of course the weather let him down as well, he even took a pair of shorts with him, but apart from two days when he was able to have short sleeves, it was quite cold.

Have a good weekend everyone, will probably be back on Tuesday.


An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. Mahatma Ghandi.


Marcus said...

Hi Mum

I've just been talking to Carolyn and we worked out that for her to go to Bridgetown she'd need to leave the car there and we'd have to pick it up Sunday night, which means about 400km of driving, compared to 540 if she drives to Perth with the boys straight from Busso.
Having the extra room would be handy too cause I've got a car full of paintings and three bags of gear leftover from footy camp.

So, thanks for the offer but we'll skip the Bridgetown leg.

See you at McQuinns tomorrow.

Love Marcus

Peter said...

Sure looks dry and barren up there.

Peter said...

The wheelchair icon is next to the window where you type in the letters if you're lucky enough to be able to read them.