Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The disatrous trip home....

Well I'm home again, had a lovely time in Perth, and was driving home this morning, when I saw smoke coming from the rear of the car and it just died, so I quickly pulled over and stopped, there was smoke pouring from under the bonnet/hood. On opening it I discovered that the top radiator hose had split, and as well as that there was oil everywhere and where it had gathered under a cowling there were flames. Luckily I had some water in the car and was able to put them out before they did any major damage, the real damage was already done of course, with the motor having seized.

A man had stopped to help when he saw the smoke etc., but there wasn't anything he could do. Very soon after that the volunteer fire brigade arrived, someone driving by had called them, once again there wasn't anything for them to do, so after making sure I was alright, they went back to work.

I called Walter and he first drove 100 kms to hire a car trailer, and then another 100kms to where I was stranded just south of Mandurah, all this took him about two and a half hours. We then winched the Diahatsu onto the trailer, secured everything and then made the long slow trip home, arriving here just after dark.

I was pretty shaken and worried about the whole thing, but Walter just kept saying don't worry, it can be fixed, and I guess it can, but I am worried about him doing it and hurting his back again. One of the reasons for him going to Perth was to see his doctor there and having an injection, which has worked quite well this time and I don't want him to do any more damage.

A nasty end to what had been a productive and enjoyable few days.

Life is a book, and anyone who has not travelled, has only read one page.


Merle said...

Hi Jacqui ~~I am so sorry about your car trouble, but you are all right which is the main thing. The car can probably be fixed as Walter said. Take care,Merle.

JunieRose said...


I'm sorry to hear of your trouble!
I couldn't handle that at all ! I never go on trips alone!


Granny said...

Now I know what you meant by a disaster of a day.

Thanks for our comment and I'm really sorry about the car. I've had them catch fire a couple of times and it's not fun at all.

Hope the rest of your week is better.

Peter said...

Hi Jacqui, unless the Dihatsu is in other ways extremly good my opinion would be to cut your losses and get rid of it, there is nothing (except a wife!!!) that can eat up money like a used car.
Sorry to hear your story just the same.

Meow said...

OMG .. that must've been really scary, seeing smoke and flames. I think I would have been a shaking mess. Seems like you took it all a lot calmer than I would've !!
Glad you are safe ... could've been much worse.
Cars can be fixed, although I'm inclined to agree with Peter. Is it an older car, or fairly new ??
Hope all goes well.
Take care, Meow

Lyn said...

Mum...so sorry about the car but glad you got home safe.

Jeanette said...

Hi Jaqui
I see why you called it a disastrous trip .Gary had a car that caught on fire under the bonnet insurance co.wrote it off to expensive to fix .
Well your safe Jaqui thats all that counts ... Take Care ,Jan

Marcus said...

Did you take pictures? Surely you didn't let such an eminently bloggable incident go by without whipping out the digital and recording it for the blogosphere to enjoy?
Come on Mum, lift your game!

Perhaps it should be renamed the Diehatsu